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Once there was a world.
It was filled with many things.


So much that came and went, so much that was new each day.
The whole of existence it would seem was in perpetual flux.

But there was also a Corpse.
And it was constant.
"The final change is to Die" it maintained.
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There was a Corpse,
And his situation was pretty bleak.

Really, he was dead!
While there is life there is hope they say...
Cold comfort in the grave.

All around him, there were reminders of what he had lost,
And of his present predicament.
These problems seemed endless.

He didn't mind much.
"All conscious concerns eventually die" He already knew.
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There once was a Corpse.
But there was also much more.

The Corpse knew he was not alone, so he sought out others.
He looked up and down.
He listened to the wind and earth.
He noticed the signs of so many things.

The tremble of his grave under the feet of passers by,
The worms now dwelling within him.
The mildew in his garments.

So much more he noticed, now that he had time.

"Should not the dead ignore the world of the quick?"
"Ignorance must die." He nodded.
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Once there was a Corpse,
And the way he came to that state was not so fun.

Trials and tribulations, betrayals and manipulations.
The world held mostly horrors for this one it seems.

But he didn't mind.
He had seen the worst the world had to offer,
And he could not help but smile.

For all that was wrong, he was still there,
So it couldn't have been that bad eh?

A passer by might wonder why he could be happy after all that.
"All things said and done, Despair dies," He would chuckle.
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Once there was a Corpse.
And he had many friends, for everyone else died too.
There were entertainers and politicians,
Criminals and scholars.

It seemed there was only one thing left out.

Loneliness dwelt alone, having died as everything is want to do.
The Corpse called Loneliness over.
Lonlieness didn't understand, and asked
"Why do you beckon me to you, you who are surrounded by comrades?"
"Even our friends die," explained the Corpse.
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There once was a King.
And after that King died,
There was a Worm.
The Worm bore into the dead King's flesh,
It devoured him whole.

The worm felt very good about himself after this

"You are what you eat" it said.
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There was a Corpse, and he died alone.
He stood and saw that none died with him.
None ever came here before it seems.
He stood at the edge of the end of all things, and tilted his head.
"It's very quiet here."

Many years he waited, and eventually, everyone else passed by that way.
His friends.
His family.
His lovers.
They all asked how he had manged all alone there without them.

"Eventually, loneliness dies," he explained.
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There was a Corpse.
He was not a handsome Corpse.
His many detractors reminded him frequently.
His words were not eloquent.
He was much ridiculed for this as well.

It got so bad that they eventually began striking the Corpse.

This Corpse was constantly assailed on all sides.
So much for the kindness of others!

Yet the Corpse never let their words hurt him, he never showed any dismay,
He remained with the same serene expression.
"Even pain dies," He knew.
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Once there was a Corpse, who dreamt he was a boy.
He dreamed sweetly, in the dream, there was everything he could ever want.
Love, Hope, Joy, Warmth, all the things he did not have.
When he awoke, he favoured the dream so much over his waking, that he dared to slumber again...
He swam in his dreams, he forgot that he was a dead thing.

But the world did not.
When he awoke again, the boy and the world he lived in died.

The boy asked, with his last breath, "Why must such a beautiful thing end?"
"All dreams die" replied the corpse.
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